The Autism Center of Northern California is committed to multi-disciplinary teamwork. Many of our staff work in other settings as private practitioners and providers of innovative programs for children on the autism spectrum at home, school and  beyond. Each is dedicated to integrating behavioral methods with developmental programming.

Executive Staff

Clinical Staff

Clinic Coordinators

  • Raizel DeWitt
    Raizel DeWitt Clinical Coordinator, NDAC
  • Shay Harati
    Shay Harati Program Coordinator, JSLTL


All ACNC trainees are enrolled in APA-accredited PhD/PsyD programs and supervised full-time by an attending staff clinical psychologist.

Edward Ferrero (Doctoral Student, The Wright Institute)

Nilija Fulambarkar (Doctoral Student, Palo Alto University)

Tanya Hunt (Doctoral Student, Palo Alto University)

Sari Kosdon (Doctoral Student, The Wright Institute)

Amber Leckie (Doctoral Student, Palo Alto University)

Board of Directors

Lina Fancy, Executive Director, Jumpstart Learning to Learn

Steven Grand-Jean, Board Member

Russell Reiff, MD Board Member

Bryna Siegel, PhD Executive Director, Autism Center of Northern California

Sandra Woliver, JD Board President

Roger Wu, MD Board Treasurer

Barbara Young, JD Board Secretary