School Consultation

In the school consultation program, we work to bridge differences between parents and educators. We are advocates for the child, rather than parents or schools. We engage in individualized education planning, calling on knowledge of evidence-based educational programs, behavioral science, and developmental theory.

Our school consultation services include:

  • Learning to navigate the special education system.
  • ‘Docented’ school visits with parents to evaluate placements and to teach parents what to look for, so they too learn to pick what is best-fit for their child.
  • Classroom observations and support for IEP and ABA team meetings
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) to resolve FAPE disputes.
  • Due Process Hearing support with Dr. Siegel as an expert witness —for the family or the school district on behalf of what we feel evidence supports FAPE for the child.
  • Staff development for teachers, paraprofessionals or special education programs in autism education. (A curriculum vitae of related trainings is available upon request.)

Behavior Consultation

The ACNC employs and collaborates with many BCBAs and other behavioral consultants.  However, we add to this by combining a developmental perspective with behavior analysis principles, and with specific considerations about learning in autism spectrum disorders to offer a unique approach to behavior consultation.

  • Consultation for behavior that infers with family life: Eating, sleeping, toileting and bathing, sibling relations.
  • A developmental approach to functional behavior analysis (DFBA) at home or school
  • School behavior consultation to set up motivational systems, increase attention, and gear curriculum developmentally to modify antecedents of behavior incompatible with instruction.
  • Independent review of home-based ABA programs to provide critique/ talking points, new curriculum for discussion at team meetings
  • Social Skills Groups and Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Referral and coordinated consultation with psychopharmacology specialists to insure that behavioral strategies are well-developed and tried before adding medication to manage difficult behavior

School and Behavior Consultation Program services are largely on a fee-for-service basis. Some services may be contracted, by arrangement, through a school authority. 

Please call the ACNC at 415-391-3417, or contact Dr. Siegel directly (


Bryna Siegel, Director

Lina Fancy, Co-Director

Raizel DeWitt, Clinic Coordinator

Mariam King, PsyD

Stephanie Crampton, PsyD

Psychology doctoral trainees