ACNC supports families learning to live with their child’s autism from diagnosis to adulthood

Who We Are and What We Do

At the Autism Center of Northern California we teach you what your child’s diagnosis means for helping him or her learn.

We consider the wellness of your whole family.

We are behavioral; we are also developmental.


  • Comprehensive care plans: What treatments are needed? Educational? Behavioral? Learning communication and social skills?
  • We combine evidence-based treatment research to set goals for your child with our expertise in how to teach to those goals.
  • We do this at all ages: toddlers, school-age children, and adults.

Why the ACNC Is Different


  • Our assessment team diagnoses ASD and related disorders—and provides recommendations for treatment strategies and services.
  • Our behavioralists teach special skills to get through everyday routines and address behavior that interferes with learning.
  • Our play and social skills trainers teach you to teach your child while having fun together.
  • Our school consultants show you how your child learns so you can be an effective advocate for him or her.
  • All our specialists focus on skills to identify and enhance ‘teachable moments’ at home and in your community.

ACNC Families


  • We are professionals experienced in autism diagnosis, autism education models, and applying behavioral strategies to promote growth and manage difficulties.
  • Families live with an autism spectrum disorder for a lifetime. We are concerned with the impact of autism on the whole family.
  • ACNC strives to be a clinical ‘home’ for families who need care and support well beyond the time of diagnosis.

Most major diagnostic centers end their work by giving you a diagnosis and sending you home. 

That is where our most important work begins. Your child’s diagnosis is just the beginning of the journey.

The ACNC will continue to assist your child through his or her development.

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